Here’s where it gets tricky

So, I’ve managed pretty well for the first few days of this. Perhaps not written quite as many words as I should have, but then let’s look at this as a warm-up. I can’t very well jump straight into high gear from idle; need to start off gentle and get the old writing muscles working again before I find myself cramping up while knee-deep in a catastrophically mixed metaphor.

See what I mean?

Anyway, after a few days where my main concern’s been thinking up what to write about and then just sitting down and doing the words and having all the time in the world to do it, today brings the added complication that I’m back at work. For nearly the past three weeks my daily schedule has mostly consisted of fucking around online and playing Trials HD, and squeezing a bit of writing in between hasn’t proven too difficult.

Now, though, I’ve returned to the grindstone and this is the point where my excellent intentions are likely to fail miserably. My schedule now consist of being at work all day (where I wouldn’t dream of updating a personal blog, obv.) and then when I get in the last place I want to be is at a keyboard (except, of course, for the purposes of fucking around online). Then there’s Trials HD to be played, food to be eaten, maybe a nice bath and of course sleep to be had. And then the next day the whole ghastly process repeats. How am I supposed to find time to write anything amongst all that?

I toyed with the idea of getting up an hour early and using the extra hour as blogtime, but I’m not so sure about that. You’d probably end up with an ongoing series of terse, angry pronouncements fuelled by the fact that I haven’t had enough sleep and the world seems perfectly horrid. I need a few hours for coffee and mental filters to kick in.

That’s that idea strangled at birth, then. And I won’t do it last thing at night because experience tells me that it results in then trying to get to sleep with a brain firing on all cylinders, which doesn’t work. I like my synapses to be nicely dampened by the time I hit the pillow. What I’ll have to do is just muddle along for now and hopefully get into some new routine that sees me get the blogging done in the evening without too much pain. Once I get back into the swing of things it should become a lot easier. And look: I’ve managed to get away with it today! Yay for me!

Now, though, it’s time for a nice bath.



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6 responses to “Here’s where it gets tricky

  1. hellers

    That was a post of essentially nothing at all expanded to KlaxonCow proportions. BRAVO.

    For an encore post about how mean Gaz is being to you and quit the blog.

  2. jedburgh

    Yeah, I know. I’m cleverly burning the “Look! I’m writing about having nothing to write about!” safety net early.

  3. Eric K

    You’re doing fine – Admit it, most people would have twisted it into some bullshit creative how-to-structure-your-day-better, you-might-learn-from-my experience. You just told-it-how-it-is.


    PS Personally, I *love* the pre-coffee reactions. Looking back, that’s when I’ve been at the best balance of sharp/honest.

  4. AK

    All the time I’ve been doing this I’ve been at work. Okay, admittedly, coming home from a day of non-stop writing to do yet more writing has made my brain go slightly wonkoid, but I’ve managed it. I haven’t even done a ‘I can’t think of anything to write about’ blog, despite an almost ceaseless temptation to do so. Chin up!

  5. RiK

    Why not take your tablet/iPhone and blog from the bath?

    I’ve got a little shelf I made especially for the purpose of reading proper books in the bath without worrying about dropping them in. that’s recently come in handy for those extended soaks when you just can’t bear to be away from the tech and it’s been perfect for the netbook too.

  6. jedburgh

    Eric/Andy: Cheers guys; a bit of support’s almost as motivational as fear of ridicule before my peers 😉

    Don’t worry, I haven’t had enough of it already. I’m serious about burning the “Look! I’m writing about having nothing to write about!” safety net, because you can only get away with it once.

    So now it’s serious, in a light-hearted kind of way.

    RiK: I have a horror of letting tech near the bath. Nice idea otherwise, although it might result of a load of introspective train-of-thought wank.

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