Old telly

It occurs to me, glancing down the roster of co-conspirators in this ludicrous venture (which I should get around to updating but, y’know, that’d mean an awful lot of CTRL-C and CTRL-V action), that I’m probably the oldest member of the One A Day gang. By, I think, an almost embarrassingly long chalk. In a couple of months I’m going to hit 40.

Which is a bit strange. I remember getting quite uptight about hitting 30. This supposed landmark doesn’t seem to matter anywhere near as much. I don’t feel 40; I don’t think I could say that I feel any particular age. I’m not as down with the young people’s music as I used to be; but then I was never particularly down with the young people’s music. I did buy a Late of the Pier CD a while back. Sounded like a bad Roxy Music tribute act. I seem to find a lot of BBC3 utterly incomprehensible; then again I used to find The Word fairly incomprehensible as well. I think I’m just destined to be slightly out of step with whatever era I find myself in. It took me 20 years to discover Public Enemy; maybe in another 20 years I’ll discover (racks brain for modern pop star reference) Dizzee Rascal.

So I feel a little bit like a dad at a disco, taking part in this endeavour. Not that that’s going to stop me, but it means that you’ll occasionally have to put up with me saying things like:

New series of Survivors starts tonight! Not as good as the original, you know. At least, not as good as the first series of the original, before Terry Nation buggered off and it all started to go downhill. I should stress that I have no memory of the original run of Survivors; I’m not that old. I merely caught up with it later. It’s a series very much of its time; a very middle class BBC apocalypse, but still capable of being fantastically grim and well worth finding on DVD. And it doesn’t have Julie Graham in it or any great conspiracy lurking behind the scenes.

I don’t mind the new one – and in its favour I think I prefer Max Beesley’s Tom Price to the one played in the 70s by comedy Welshman Talfryn Thomas – and I’ll definitely be watching; it’s just a case of the DVD box set remaining resolutely unbought. Unlike, say, Doctor Who, which takes up an entire shelf of my DVD collection, old and new series. Sometimes it’s perfectly possible to exhume an old franchise and bring it bang up to date without doing it wrong.

And then there’s Edge of Darkness. The movie remake of that’s due out in a couple of weeks and I’m not sure how it’s going to turn out. Cramming five hours of television into a feature film is never a good idea. Transplanting it to the USA doesn’t really bother me. Mel Gibson bothers me a little, but there’s Ray Winstone to balance things out. Same director. So it could go either way.

It’s going to be shit, isn’t it? Watch the original – it’s amazing. I think I must be due another viewing very soon indeed.



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3 responses to “Old telly

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah; telly, schmelly. What I can’t credit is your age. I’d have said we were the same age – incessant references to me missing cultural touchstones notwithstanding, a fact I always attributed to my family not having a telly till I was 18 – and I’m (for two more precious months) 29. Hell’s tits.

  2. josephruss

    I want to see a decent remake of The Tripods, that actually covers all three books. The original series seemed amazing when I was about 8, but it was probably absolute toss.

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