A quick one

No time! It’s the other half’s birthday today, and since her choir practice has been cancelled this evening we’ll be going out for dinner instead. So before going out I’ll be getting ready and feeding the cat and all that, and it’d be quite rude to sit down and blog once we get back in.

Today I’ve put two tutorials on the internet, made and sent a newsletter, sent a death certificate off to Aviva, got some keys cut and bought a tin of lighter fluid. Just in case you were wondering.

And speaking of time, which I was, there’s a great series on that very subject on BBC4 at the moment, presented by slightly bonkers physicist Michio Kaku. Part two’s on tonight; annoyingly it doesn’t seem to be on the iPlayers, so you’ll have to either watch it or record it. I’ll be recording it.

Seeya tomorrow!


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