You know that thing where you’ve got important stuff to do on top of the stuff you’ve already done today – stuff like going to Sainsbury’s, doing the washing, drive over to Keynsham for grandmother bill sorting-out duties, removing cat presents from the litter tray, playing a bit of Serious Sam HD, feeding the cat, feeding yourself – and you should really crack on otherwise it’ll just mean more to do tomorrow, as well as the pile of washing up and probably another load of washing and a run to Frome and back, but you’re tired and feeling none too inspired and what you really want to do is just kick back for a bit with Downtime and maybe a drop of whisky and some visuals on the monitor and basically put everything else off until tomorrow, when you’ve had a good night’s sleep and will doubtless feel so much more enthused about it and be able to just dive into it all refreshed and invigorated, and then you remember that on top of all that there’s a blog post needs writing before you can reasonably get to the Downtime and the whisky and the visuals and the sleeping?


And I didn’t actually get round to removing the cat present. Fucksocks.


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