Impulse purchase

Galvanised by my iPlayer fun the other night and the fact that I now have a network point next to my TV, today I decided to buy one of these. It’s called something else now but basically the same machine as far as I can tell, and PC World’s selling them at a very reasonable £230. Not as powerful as the new Eee Box I’d been looking at, but cheaper and actually available to buy rather than being sold out everywhere, and it should do everything I need it to, i.e. play video on my TV. So it was off to PC World (it’s a five-minute drive, okay?) where my plan was immediately scuppered by the fact that they didn’t have any left.

So I came home and ordered one instead, instead of doing my usual thing of forgetting about it for a few weeks and starting the whole cycle again, which is how it took me something like two years to replace my previous, woefully outdated PC.

It’ll be a relief to retire the Shuttle/S-video setup that’s my usual video machine; it does the job, but it’s getting old and has reached a point where it needs plenty of notice about starting up. I could press the power button on it now and it might deign to wheeze into life in, say, an hour or two. Probably the PSU on the way out, but I’ve seen inside these things and I’m damned if I’m going to try replacing it. Nice little machine in its time, but getting past it now.

Of course, if Microsoft and nVidia weren’t such lily-livered fuckpigs then I wouldn’t need a another PC; I could just run an HDMI cable from my main box to the telly, set it up as a second display and clone video to it fullscreen, but as of Vista that option’s completely scuppered. As I found out after I’d bought an 11-metre HDMI cable. It’s a thick bugger, though, and wouldn’t look good, so on the whole the tiny PC option’s a lot more elegant.

Next up I’ll need a hub and a bigger multipoint adapter to go behind the telly, and then I should really consider a trip to the tip. Too much stuff!


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