Keynesianism in action

So, on Saturday I spent, spent, spent, and then this morning we officially came out of recession. I’m not claiming all the credit or anything, but you’d have to be very churlish indeed to deny a causal link between these two events. Or a monetarist, I suppose.

Today, then, I took delivery of my tiny new PC. I imagine that it’s all I’d hoped it would be; in fact I haven’t taken it out of the box yet. This evening I’ll be doing just that, as well as plugging in a new eight-way surge protector and a new network switch, and getting everything connected and set up and working properly. It should be a breeze, but there’s always the possibility of swearing, so this evening I’m getting the bloggery out the way as quickly as possible so that I can fully dedicate myself to playing with my new toy.

Tomorrow’s looking dodgy as well, to be honest. I’ll see what I can do.


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