Late at work today, thanks to Apple. Well, more thanks to the management’s decree that, presuming Apple actually announced some kind of tablet this evening, we should get something online about it immediately. Tricky, when the site I run’s design-related and, even knowing nothing solid about it, I could reasonably guess that it wouldn’t be capable of running Photoshop and it wouldn’t be as good as a dedicated graphics tablet.

Still, I stayed late, watched an assortment of live feeds and knocked this together. Think I got away with it, apart from a glaring typo that I’ll have to fix in the morning. Just took a look at Computer Arts’  Twitter replies and it seems to have gone down well; someone goes as far as to call it the best review they’ve seen so far. Go me!

My thoughts on the iPad? Not convinced; it’s basically a big iPod Touch, isn’t it? Still no Flash in Safari, making it a less-than-perfect Web device, at least until HTML5 wins completely and utterly. iBooks looks interesting, but I don’t know about the iPad as a reader; got my Sony for that and e-ink’s much nicer to read. Does look like a lovely piece of tech, but I don’t need one.

Fairly sure, at any rate.



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2 responses to “iPad

  1. RiK

    Might be worth giving Brushes a mention as that’s already running on the iPad.


  2. RiK

    Oops, just read your CA piece and you already have mentioned it. Doh! Sorry.

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