Congraturation! You Sucsess!

Been reasonably busy today; on my own for the weekend so naturally I allowed a fair-sized pile of washing-up to amass which today had to be dealt with, as well as a reasonably manageable pile of ironing and a full head of hair in need of dyeing. Plus 300 words to write about another old game, which I’ve just finished.

Next up – soup! And maybe later a few games of Stop The Express if it doesn’t make me too angry. It was a lovely little game back in the day, if a little puzzling. Why did Hudson Soft decide to make it for the Spectrum? Why – apart from C64 and MSX ports – didn’t they do anything else with it? They’ve made about a billion Bombermans, after all. Dig it out and do something with it, people. I’d have it off XBLA for 400 points, no question.

And why’s it so fucking hard? I just had a quick poke at it and kept dying after a few seconds, even after I’d figured out the keys. They don’t make ’em like that any more.


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