Emails from myself

I’m used to spam turning up from my spoofed email address; I’m also used to finding email from myself in my inbox. If I’m at work and having to work on something on my laptop, the quickest way to transfer files across is to email them from my work account to my personal account and vice versa.

It was strange this afternoon, though, to see four emails from myself that I hadn’t sent. My initial reaction was that it was spam, but a quick look at the contents said otherwise. They all had either .doc or .pdf attachments, but similarly they were devoid of dodgy payloads and instead consisted of long and impenetrable legal agreements.

What we have, then, is someone with my name sending himself some documents to look at when he got home, and forgetting his personal email address.

Four fucking times.

Once, and I might have replied pointing out the error. Four times and I wonder why the hell my namesake is being trusted with complicated legal documents. So I just deleted them; best solution all round, really.

Let’s see if anything else turns up next week. I can’t wait!


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