Zex Faaaarm

I had something else planned for this evening, but what with one thing and another I don’t have time to do it justice, so that’s something to look forward to for tomorrow.

For tonight, then, there’s a special treat that turned up randomly in my Facebook inbox. As you may have noted in the past, I have a certain fondness for The Wurzels. A lot of that’s probably down to the fact that when they were troubling the charts in the 1970s I was too young to know any better. I was familiar with The Combine Harvester for a long time before I even heard of Brand New Key. Never been to a gig, but we went to see The Mighty Boosh in Bristol in 2008, and on the way back to the car we passed a waterfront bar with loud, familiar tones emanating from it, and there on the stage were The Wurzels, just winding up their set. So we stood and watched through the window as they did Drink Up Thy Zider and some drunk naked bloke tried to get on stage with them. An added bonus to top off a great evening.

So, this evening I get sent a YouTube link. The Wurzels covering Spınal Tap’s Sex Farm. How quickly was I there? This quickly.

I’m doubtless biased, but as scrumpy & western covers of comedy heavy metal songs go, it’s pretty excellent. Sex Farm isn’t a particular Spinal Tap favourite of mine, but the way this version’s delivered is just great; having it sung by a Somerset senior citizen makes it sound a hell of a lot filthier than the Tap’s performance.

And you have to love the home-made slideshow video, too. Apparently there’s another covers album on the way from from them soon; I’ll be having that.

And tomorrow, assuming nothing else crops up, I’ll be telling you about one of Churchill’s barmier ideas.


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