No Man But a Blockhead (or, It’s not you, it’s me)

I need to think this thing through.

Which isn’t ideal as there’s this right old #oneaday quitting spree going at the moment; lots of people hitting the wall. Fair enough; if you can’t hack it, you can’t hack it. I’m the last person to judge you in that respect. But if you’re seeing other people drop out, that kind of makes it that little bit easier to give up yourself. Safety in numbers.

Bar the odd day when I’m completely stumped for a subject and the words just aren’t coming, I could keep on doing this until the end of the year. I need to know why I’m doing it, though. I need a reason to keep on with this thing that’s taking up sizeable chunks of my downtime. I value my downtime, and, “Because I said I would on the internets,” isn’t reason enough.

And it sure as hell isn’t for the pageviews.

So basically I’m doing this for me, and I have this feeling that a lot of this current setup isn’t much use to me, that I should be trying to write something different, maybe something I can actually use. Trouble is, I’m not sure that whatever it is would be something I’d want to put online. Not yet, anyway.

So as of now, some (or most or all or perhaps not that many) of my #oneadays will be private entries, purely for my benefit, and whatever appears here will be stuff that I haven’t hammered out in a rush to get something the fuck online. That way, we all win.

See you when I see you.



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2 responses to “No Man But a Blockhead (or, It’s not you, it’s me)

  1. Jimaroid

    Gah! Well, look forward to reading the ones that are public and good luck with your sekritt ramblings. 🙂

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